Commercial, industrial, and agricultural solar and energy storage EPCs and developers trust Phoenix Engineering to deliver complete permit-ready plan sets that ensure code compliance, decrease labor and material costs, and maintain project timelines.

Phoenix Engineering NABCEP-certified engineers consider all utility and permitting requirements and project location and constraints. Following a project kick-off call with a senior engineer to discuss further details and objectives, Phoenix Engineering designs and engineers systems to maximize solar generation, reduce efficiency losses, and uncover equipment and BOS savings.

Complete Commercial Design Packages:

Our permit-ready solar and energy storage design packages are customized to the requirements of your local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) and utility. Each plan set typically includes:

  • Project Description
  • Construction Notes
  • Governing Codes
  • Site Plan
  • PV Layout
  • Mounting & Racking Methods
  • Electrical Details
  • Three-Line Electrical Diagram
  • Electrical Calculations
  • Parts List and Required Safety Placards
  • Data Sheets for Modules, Inverters, Racking, Mounting
  • Elevation views as needed for certain jurisdictions
  • Other requirements as specified by your AHJ

Complete Scope of Commercial Design Services

Phoenix Engineering offers a complete scope of design and engineering services for all commercial, industrial, agricultural, municipal, university, school, and hospitals. Phoenix Engineering experienced engineers design systems for:

  • Permitting and interconnection
  • Solar carports and canopies
  • EV charging stations for parking lots
  • Single axis-tracker system design
  • Ballasted and unballasted rooftops
  • Aggregated meters for warehouses and compounds
  • Agriculture and cold storage
  • Building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV)
  • Floating photovoltaic systems (Floatovoltaics)
  • AC- and DC-coupled energy storage systems for net energy metering, peak shaving, emergency backup, utility infrastructure deferral, and TOU arbitrage
  • New construction

Pre-Contract C&I Solar & Energy Storage Support

  • Preliminary consultation to help you optimize your solar PV project for cost, efficiency, and other project requirements
  • Feasibility analysis (electrical and structural)
  • Sales-focused wire diagrams and roof layouts for sales proposals or utility interconnection applications
  • Equipment recommendations and research
  • Risk management project consulting services
  • Engineering evaluation of project’s modules, inverters, trackers, storage and BOS components
  • Generating sales proposals
  • Energy storage performance and financial modeling

P.E. Stamps (Professional Engineer) for all 50 States

Whether or not an electrical or structural P.E. stamp is required by your state or jurisdiction, electrical and structural P.E. stamps show your clients that your solar or storage project was designed and engineered to provide the highest level of safety and performance.

A professional engineer’s structural and electrical seal demonstrates that you took the extra step to review your design with a third-party engineering firm, confirming that your project’s meets or exceeds all prevailing electrical and/or structural codes, permitting requirements, and safety standards. Phoenix Engineering provides:

  • Electrical P.E. Stamps (wet or digital)
  • Structural P.E. Stamps (wet or digital)

Design Build & Changes

Phoenix Engineering works with installers, developers, project managers, asset managers, and owners to make any needed or desired change:

  • Design rescue missions: Phoenix Engineering revises plans to be compliant with AHJ and utility codes and standards for inspections, commissioning, and permitting
  • Update designs for module, inverter, and BOS equipment changes
  • Add energy storage to existing projects
  • Technical support for construction teams in the field