Phoenix Engineering is your reliable solar design and engineering partner. Whether you’re a high volume residential operation or just starting in the solar business, Phoenix Engineering provides fast, accurate solar-plus-storage designs that get quickly approved.

Phoenix Engineering experienced U.S team of electrical and structural engineers speed up permitting and interconnection approvals by knowing the specific codes and requirements of your jurisdiction and utility. As a result, your permits get approved quickly, eliminating costly delays and increasing your client’s trust and satisfaction.

Complete Permit-Ready Solar Design Package

Phoenix Engineering complete solar design packages include any customization needed for approvals from your specific local authority having jurisdiction (AHJs) and utility. Our permit-ready plan sets typically include:

  • Project Description
  • Governing Codes
  • PV Layout
  • Mounting & Racking Methods
  • Three-Line Electrical Diagram
  • Electrical Calculations
  • Required Safety Placards
  • Elevation views
  • Other requirements as specified by your AHJ

Phoenix Engineering designs systems for all types of residential applications and equipment, including:

  • Composite shingle, tile, Spanish tile, metal roofs, and various other roofing materials
  • Ground mounts
  • Solar canopies
  • Residential solar trackers
  • Batteries (on-grid self-consumption, off-grid back-up, or bi-modal/micro-grid with generator)
  • Direct-burial, cable tray, wire harnesses
  • DC-DC converters, optimizers, micro-inverters

Solar Design & Energy Storage Proposals

Outsource your residential sales proposals. Using Aurora, HelioScope, PVsyst, PVWatts, among many others, Phoenix Engineering quickly generates branded sales proposals and returns them to your sales team in minutes.

Sales proposals typically include:

  • Roof panel layout
  • Utility information
  • Shading analysis
  • Performance estimates
  • Estimated bill of materials (BOM)
  • Savings, ROI, payback, and cash flow

P.E. Stamps for all 50 States

Phoenix Engineering provides electrical and structural Professional Engineering (P.E.) stamps for all 50 states. Some states require P.E. stamps for solar projects and some contractors add P.E. stamps as an extra level of quality. Construction plans with P.E. stamps give customers added assurance that their solar and storage projects have been safely designed and engineered to the codes and standards of your state and jurisdiction.

  • Electrical P.E. Stamps (wet or digital)
  • Structural P.E. Stamps (wet or digital)

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Phoenix Solar stands behind all of our installations, and this is only as good as the design they are built on. We need to have confidence that we’re building systems based on sound technical plans and designs. Plans that we have confidence that will result in safe, effective, and compliant systems is crucial. The price of failure with defects on a finished project is severe, and it’s simply not worth trying to save a few dollars upfront only to be bitten down the road with failures. That’s why we partner with Phoenix Engineering for all of our engineering and design needs for solar and storage.”

Eddie Garrido

CEO of Phoenix Engineering