Phoenix’s Approach to Project Development

1. We learn about your goals and evaluate your project.

Whether it’s reducing energy costs, resiliency, or environmental sustainability, Phoenix develops projects to meet your stated goals. We then analyze the proposed site for feasibility, permitting, and maximum solar generation with or without energy storage. If needed, we arrange project financing.

2. We design your system and handle all paperwork.

Solar development projects start with design. We design and engineer the most cost-effective, safe, and permit-ready systems that meet your stated goals. We handle all requirements, paperwork, and utility approvals, ensuring your project is ready to start construction

3. We procure the highest quality equipment and installers.

Phoenix engineers select the best equipment for your project. Our strong relationships with the best solar installation companies across the U.S. ensure that your system is built efficiently and completed on time.

4. We efficiently manage the installation.

Phoenix project engineers manage the entire construction process, ensuring the project timeline stay on time and on budget.

5. We turn on the power.

Once the installation is complete, Phoenix’s engineers test all systems and commission the installation, preparing it for utility interconnection. We handle all applications and regulatory approvals until your project receives permission to operate. (PTO). We also generate testing and maintenance schedules for operations. After PTO, Phoenix engineers can also manage operations and maintenance, ensuring your project is online and efficiently producing and storing solar over its expected 30 year lifetime.

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