Solar Microgrid Design

Phoenix designs and engineers solar microgrids inlcuding residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal microgrids. Each microgrid project can incorporate multiple sources of power generation with energy storage. We partner with leading-edge technology and energy management companies to provide resilient, reliable, and cost-effective power for customized microgrid applications.

Phoenix understands the challenges of designing cost-effective and reliable solar microgrids, such as complying with utility regulations, selecting the right energy management software, and engineering multiple energy systems to work seamlessly on or off-grid.

Our microgrid engineers first consult with clients to understand the project’s goals. We then design the most cost-effective and reliable combination of power generation, energy storage, and software and ensure that the design meets the requirements of the utility and local authorities having jurisdiction.

Solar Microgrid Applications

Modern microgrids provide a variety of critical energy applications for homes, businesses, municipalities, schools, hospitals, municipalities, and the military. Phoenix designs solar systems for:

  • Commercial and industrial backup generation, peak shaving, and emergency power
  • Grid stability
  • Grid resiliency and reliability
  • Disaster relief/emergency power systems for critical facilities (hospitals, schools, universities, emergency shelters, resorts)
  • Uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) for data centers, bitcoin and currency mining, etc.
  • Island grids
  • Renewable energy infrastructure projects for developing countries
  • Mining, oil, and drilling remote facility infrastructure and operations support
  • Off-grid cabins and rural recreation facilities
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Microgrid Power Generation Sources

Phoenixs engineers design microgrid systems that can incorporate:

  • Solar PV
  • Wind
  • Diesel
  • Natural gas
  • Propane generators
  • Grid-tied
  • Off-grid
  • Combined with energy storage

Your Solar Microgrid Company

Looking to add a solar microgrid for your company? Phoenix is an industry leader in design, engineering and development of solar microgrids. Contact our solar microgrid company today and talk to one of our helpful solar engineers.