When investing in a solar project, Phoenix’s independent structural and electrical engineers help developers and asset managers review a solar or energy storage project’s design, equipment choices, permitting, prevailing utility rates, utility standards, and other requirements.

With Phoenix’s technical and financial due diligence, solar and storage investors, asset managers, and owners receive an independent assessment of a project’s long-term technical and financial risks and profitability.

As a third-party engineer, Phoenix reviews your solar or energy storage project’s:

  • Financial modeling, including IRR, ROI, NPV
  • Optimum utility rate structures
  • Design, reviewing potential BOS savings
  • Equipment warranties and bankability
  • Critical document and records for secure digital storage and redundancy
  • Operations and maintenance (O&M) schedules
  • Potential permitting requirement issues
  • Potential utility interconnection requirement issues
  • Hail, wind, and flooding (severe weather risks), including equipment selection, design, and engineering
  • Design, engineering, and damage assessment after severe weather
  • Insurance assessment and compensation